Shooting is like buying groceries and the real cooking is at the editing table. “Ang Lee"

Pedram Khoshbakht

About me

I have started my professional film editing career in 2001. Since then, I have done many projects, from music videos to big production feature films.

After I moved to Canada in 2010, I continued my career as a freelance editor, videographer, VFX compositor and photographer. Right now I am professionally doing Visual Effect Compositing for feature films at MPC. Recent projects I was involved as a compositor was X-Men Apocalypse, Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 and Wonder Woman.

In this website/blog, beside from showcasing my works, I am going to post some interviews and talks I have with Iranian artists, as well as posting my photographs, and hopefully some articles on filmmaking. The idea of interviewing artists came into my mind three years ago when I started my YouTube channel “Art is everywhere TV”. Since I was alone in producing those video-interviews and that took me a lot of time and energy I decided to combine those with audio-interviews which is more doable and easier to produce. Although I would continue to make videos but my focus would be more on audio Podcast production. My hope is these podcasts be informative and interesting to my audience.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any interesting topic that you would like to talk about in my Podcast. I would be so glad to share your thoughts with others.


Professional Background

Since 2001, when I started my career as a film editor’s assistant in Iran, I have edited twelve feature films, eight TV series, thirteen shorts, and directed three short films, nine music videos, documentaries, corporate videos, as well as dozens of trailers and advertisements.

Nominations and Awards

I was nominated as the best film editor in 22nd “International Fajr Film Festival” and in “Nahal Film Festival” in 2009. Also my very first short film was nominated for the best directed short in 19th “Tehran Short Film Festival” and my second short film won the Gold Winner for Best Directing and Editing at International Independent Film Awards, 2016 and was nominated as Best Director of the festival at Barcelona Film Festival , 2016. Also it was officially selected by “Khaneye Cinema Film Festival” on 2011 and by “Canada Shorts” film festival in 2015.

I am designing and producing videos for wide variety of purposes: advertisements, creative shorts, corporate videos (i.e. Kickstarter) educational programs, and music videos.

You can find the list of my works from 2001 to 2010 here.


To see my photography works or purchase one please contact me directly or you can visit my page at 500px.


Film Editing/Directing, VFX compositing, Motion Graphic Design, Typography, Photography, DSLR Videography, and Color Correction.

Softwares that I work with are Final Cut Pro, Premiere, Nuke, After effects, Avid, Photoshop and Lightroom.