“Art Is Everywhere TV” Youtube Channel

In “Art Is Everywhere TV” channel, I interview and capture performances of Iranian artist I meet in Montreal and Toronto.

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Interview with Touka Neyestani (Cartoonist) and Sheida Gharachedaghi (Composer and Pianist).

Tuka Neyestani is a very well-known Iranian cartoonist who lives in Toronto. I record this interview during his exhibition in Montreal. Second part of the video is a performance and interview with Sheyda Gharachedaghi, musician and pianist.

Interview with Gita Hashemi – On Calligraphy.

In this video I am talking with Gita Hashemi and her project on Persian calligraphy. I met Gita at “Third Space” exhibition during 2013 Tirgan festival in Toronto.

The Third Space exhibition – Shaghayegh Shirinbab – Tirgan 2013

This video contains an interview with Sanaz Mazinani, curator of the “Third Space” exhibition held in Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre at Tirgan festival. Sanaz gives us a tour of the exhibition which features a selection of works by six female Iranian artists Soheila K. Esfahani, Negar Farajiani, Gita Hashemi, Elnaz Maassoumian, Naz Rahbar, and Sona Safaei-Sooreh.

The feeling of being in-between two places; homeland and settled land is the main theme of these works and they provoke the idea of a possibility of these two things converging at some point to create a “third space”.

The second part of the video features Shaghayegh Shirinbab, an artist who is presenting a collaborative art project at Tirgan. Her project which is called “The Hope Project” is about bringing the people in our community together to express their thoughts and share their feelings about “hope”, Tirgan 2013’s central theme. 



Happy Nowruz

I had the opportunity to meet Pascal Antonin a French musician and songwriter last year. He was very interested in Iranian culture and specifically in Nowruz celebration. Here is the song he wrote to celebrate the new year with us and performs it with very talented and professional French Canadian guitar player Thierry Bégin-Lamontagne.

Un jour je m’en irai en Iran
Voir le plus beau pays d’Orient
Un jour je m’en irai à Téhéran
Voir l’été, l’automne, l’hivers, le printemps

Nowroz mobarac
Nowroz, nowroz mobarac
Nowroz mobarac
Nowroz, nowroz…

یک روز به ایران میرم
و زیباترین کشور شرق رو می بینم
یک روز به تهران می رم
و بهار، تابستان، پاییز و زمستان رو می بینم
نوروز مبارک



Interview with Sheida Gharachedaghi – Composer and Pianist

In this interview she talks about her album “Li Li Li Howzak’. Music for children and the importance of music education for children.





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