How beautiful the world could be!

In the summer of 2017, I visited Majdanek concentration camp on the outskirt of Lublin in Poland and took these series of photos.
Later that year I was reading”Man’s search for meaning” written by Dr. Viktor Frankl one of the survival of the concentration camps and I came across this paragraph:
    “…One evening, when we were already resting on the floor of our hut, dead tired, soup bowls in hand, a fellow prisoner rushed in and asked us to run out to the assembly grounds and see the wonderful sunset. Standing outside we saw sinister clouds glowing in the west and the whole sky alive with clouds of ever-changing shapes and colours, from steel blue to blood red. The desolate grey mud huts provided a sharp contrast, while the puddles on the muddy ground reflected the glowing sky. Then, after minutes of moving silence, one prisoner said to another, “How beautiful the world could be!”
Majdanek Concentration Camp
Built and operated by the SS during WWII
Killed Estimated 78,000 people
A series of photographs by
Pedram Khoshbakht
I am sharing this series on Lensculture. To see the pictures please visit the link below:

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