Basic Polygon Selection in MaYa – Part 1/2

This post is a collection of related topics on polygon selection from the AUTODESK MAYA HELP . Click on the links below to access the full Help content on Autodesk website.


To select polygon components

F9 – Select polygon vertices

F10 – Select polygon edges

F11 – Select polygon faces

F7 – Multi-component selection mode will select vertices, edges or faces based on whichever is closest to the mouse cursor.

F12 – Select UV texture

F8 – Object mode

To change one type of selection to another

To convert a selection do either of the following:

  • Select > Convert Selection
  • Command+RMM – Use the Marking Menu

To loop the selection

  • Shift+ double-click an adjacent face/edge/vertex in the direction you want the loop.
  • Shift+ double-click a non-adjacent face/edge/vertex on the same line of longitude or latitude.

Other types of selection