Basic Polygon Selection in MaYa – Part 2/2

This post is a collection of related topics on polygon selection from the AUTODESK MAYA HELP . Click on the links below to access the full Help content on Autodesk website.

Select multiple components

Select tool settings

Marquee selection, Drag selection

Tip! To reposition a marquee box, drag a marquee box, then Alt+drag it to a new position.

Tip! Switch to Drag selection by pressing Tab while you are on Marquee selection.


Camera based selection

This ensures that you don’t accidentally select components you can’t see.


Preselection Highlight

Toggle Preselection Highlight by selecting Command+Shift+RMM > Select > Preselection Highlight from the marking menu.


Highlight Nearest Component

When Highlight Nearest Component is turned off, components are highlighted only when your cursor is placed on top of them.

Symmetrical Selection

When Symmetry is on and you drag your cursor across your mesh, Maya highlights the closest component and the corresponding component on the opposite side of the mesh.

Select components by painting

Double-click the Paint Selection Tool in the Toolbox.


Save and reuse a selection

Create and Edit Sets

  • Select Create > Sets > Quick Select Set > <Set_name>
  • Select the set using Select > Quick Select Sets > <Set_name>
  • Windows > Relationship Editors > Sets to open the Relationship Editor to a list of sets contained in your scene.
  • Delete the set from Outliner.