Extrude, Duplicate, Extract in MaYa

This post is a collection of related topics on polygon selection from the AUTODESK MAYA HELP . Click on the links below to access the full Help content on Autodesk website.

Extrude, Duplicate, Wedge, Extract

  1. Extrude edges or faces along a path curve
    1. First select the face, then Shift+select the path.
    2. Edit Mesh > Extrude
    3. Twist
    4. Taper
  2. Extrude polygons in an arc or wedge shape
    1. First select the face, then Shift+select the edge.
    2. Edit Mesh > Wedge

Extract – Keep faces together

    1. Edit Mesh > Extract – options
      • Tip! If you want the extracted faces to become their own mesh, turn on Separate extracted faces in Extract Options.

Duplicate polygon faces

  1. Edit Mesh > Duplicate

Context sensitive marking menus.

  1. Shift+RMM
    1. When nothing is selected : possible polygon creation options.
      Shift-RMB nothing selected
    2. When a polygonal object / component (a vertex, edge, or face) is selected : possible polygon modification tools and commands.
      Shift-RMB with polygon selected
      Shift-RMB with polygon cmponent selected
  2. Cmd+RMM
    1. To convert a selection.
      Cmd-RMB with polygon selected