Merge, Collapse, Bridge, and Target Weld Tool in MaYa

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  • Merge boundary edges
    • You can only merge edges that are part of the same polygon mesh.
    • Mesh Tools > Target Weld

    • Shift+RMB on an edge and select Merge/Collapse Edges > Target Weld Tool.

      • Tip! MMdrag to merge components to center.
      • Tip! Press Y to reactivate the Target Weld Tool after switching to another tool.
  • Merge vertices, edges, or faces into one vertex
    • Edit Mesh > Merge
      Edit Mesh > Merge to Center
      Shift+RMB > Merge Vertices

      • Set the Threshold value to control how close edges must be to merge
      • To make it easier to distinguish between border edges and interior edges, turn on the display of border edges by selecting Display > Polygons > Border Edges.
      • You cannot merge non-manifold edges.
      • Merging vertices can make your geometry non-manifold. Use Mesh > Cleanup to fix non-manifold geometry.


Collapsing Edes

  • Edit Mesh > Collapse





Fill holes

  1. Select the border edge you want to fill.
  2. Mesh > Fill Hole

Fill holes with Quad Draw

  1. Set a reference mesh for Quad Draw
  2. Drop dots with Quad Draw
  3. Create polygons with Quad Draw
  4. Refine polygons with Quad Draw