Subdividing Polygons in MaYa

This post is a collection of related topics on polygon selection from the AUTODESK MAYA HELP . Click on the links below to read the access the full Help content on Autodesk website.


Interactively connect polygon components by inserting an edge between them.

  1. Mesh Tools > Connect
    Click on “Connect” in Modeling Toolkit window.
  2. Select a single vertex, edge, or face in your scene, and then Shift-select other components.
  3. Comd+Shift+RMB – to select one of options.
  4. MM-drag – to change the value.

Connect Tool options

Slide – Specifies where the edge is inserted on the mesh. When Slide is set to 0.50 (default), edges are inserted in the middle of a face.

Segments – Specifies the number of connected segments that are inserted into the mesh. The default is 1.

Pinch – Specifies the distance between the outer edge(s) and the connected segment(s).


Connecting multiple vertices and edges

  1. Shift-select vertices and edges.
  2. Edit Mesh > Connect



Split a face so that a vertex is added at its center

  1. Select one or more face.
  2. Edit Mesh > Poke


Divide faces

Divide faces into triangles or quadrangles

  1. Select the faces.
  2. Edit Mesh > Add Divisions
    Click “Add Devisions” in the Modeling Toolkit.


  • Exponentially subdivides the face or edge recursively. The Linearly setting subdivides the face into an absolute number of segments. In addition, with the Linearly setting, you can specify subdivisions in U and V.
  • The Exponentially controls let you specify the Mode to be either triangles or quadrangles.
  • You cannot use the Add Divisions feature on faces that contain holes. Also, you cannot subdivide concave faces unless the center point is inside the face.
  • To subdivide a concave face into convex parts, use the Multi-Cut Tool or Mesh > Triangulate. To remove holes use Triangulate.


Subdivide faces by painting

  1. In the Toolbox, select the Paint Selection Tool.
  2. Turn off Add to Current Selection.In the Stroke section.
  3. Type the following in After Stroke Cmd: polySubdivideFacet -dv 1 -m 0 -ch 1
  4. Paint the faces you want to subdivide.

Insert an edge loop

Splitting the polygon faces associated with the selected edge ring.

Four ways of adding edge loops:


Insert Edge Loop Tool

Mesh Tools > Insert Edge Loop Tool
Comd+Shift+RMB – To get the options.


Offset Edge Loop Tool

Mesh Tools > Offset Edge Loop

Comd+Shift+RMB – To get the options

Quad Draw Tool

  • Mesh Tools > Quad Draw
    Click the ” Quad Draw” in the Modeling Toolkit.
  • Comd+Shift+RMB – To get the options

Auto-weld – to merge close vertices together.

Hot Keys

  • Shift+drag – Relax verices
  • Ctrl+click – Insert an edge loop
  • Ctrl+MMB -Insert an edge loop to center
  • Ctrl+Shift+click – delete components
  • Hold down Tab and draw quad strip
  • Hold down Tab and drag an edge to extend
  • Tab+Shift – To extend an edge loop

Multi-Cut Tool

Slice a mesh with the Multi-Cut Tool

  • Tools > Multi-Cut
    Select the Multi-Cut Tool from the Modeling Toolkit window
  • To edit your cut:
    • Press Backspace to remove points.
    • Hold Shift to snap points along edges. Use the Snap % field in the Multi-Cut Options to adjust the snap interval.
    • Drag to reposition cut points anywhere on your mesh.
    • MM-drag – To reposition the first cut point to another position.
    • MM-drag anywhere on the mesh to tweak the last cut point.
    • Ctrl-drag or Ctrl + Shift-drag your cursor across the mesh to add an edge loop.
    • To make a 90 degree angle cut, hold Ctrl + Shift and move your cursor close to your last cut point.
    • Hold Ctrl + Shift and move your cursor over an existing edge to find other 90 degree angles.
    • Z / Shift+Z – Undo / Redo