Happy Nowruz

Videography – 2014

I had the opportunity to meet Pascal Antonin a French musician and songwriter in 2014. He was very interested in Iranian culture and specifically in Nowruz celebration.
Here is the song he wrote to celebrate the new year with iranian comunity and performs it with very talented and professional French Canadian guitar player Thierry Bégin-Lamontagne. This video was shot in Montreal.


Un jour je m’en irai en Iran
Voir le plus beau pays d’Orient
Un jour je m’en irai à Téhéran
Voir l’été, l’automne, l’hivers, le printemps

Nowroz mobarac
Nowroz, nowroz mobarac
Nowroz mobarac
Nowroz, nowroz…

یک روز به ایران میرم
و زیباترین کشور شرق رو می بینم
یک روز به تهران می رم
و بهار، تابستان، پاییز و زمستان رو می بینم
نوروز مبارک