Tag: Painting

  • Buildings Behind Trees

    Buildings Behind Trees

    This is an ongoing series of painting I’m working on. The main idea is to compose building or other structures behind trees. View of a cofe in marburg, germany Ink and coffee on paper June 2023 20×14 cm A White House in Granada, Spain Watercolor on paper June 2023 10×15 cm View of the city…

  • Oil / Acrylic Paintings

    Oil / Acrylic Paintings

    A collection of Oil or Acrylic Paintings A woman with purple hair Oil on paper November 2023 20×14 cm A woman with Short hair Acrylic on paper February 2022 20×14 cm A Kid Acrylic on paper January 2022 14×10.5 cm A Woman with a Hat Acrylic on paper December 2021 15×15 cm Keyvan is Drawing…

  • Digital Paintings

    Digital Paintings

    A collection of my digital paintings from 2021 till today. Woman. Life. Freedom Digital Painting January 2022 6000×5000 px Woman. Life. Freedom Digital Painting April 2023 2480×2476 px Portrait of a man Digital Painting January 2022 5000×6000 px Portrait of a young woman Digital Painting January 2022 5320×6000 px Portrait of a young man Digital…