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  • آشفتگی‌های ذهنی تیز و برنده

    آشفتگی‌های ذهنی تیز و برنده

    این داستان نویسنده‌ای‌ست که نوشتنش نمی‌آمد. درواقع هر چه زور می‌زد نمی‌شد. صبح‌ها بیدار می‌شد و از هفت تا یازده زور میزد. نمی‌شد. بعد کمی استراحت می‌کرد تا شاید بتواند افکار پریشان را از ذهنش دور کند. به حیاط خانه می‌رفت و روبه روی گلدان‌ها می‌ایستاد تا بلکه با نگاه کردن به آنها شاید بتواند…

  • Buildings Behind Trees

    Buildings Behind Trees

    This is an ongoing series of painting I’m working on. The main idea is to compose building or other structures behind trees. View of a cofe in marburg, germany Ink and coffee on paper June 2023 20×14 cm A White House in Granada, Spain Watercolor on paper June 2023 10×15 cm View of the city…

  • Oil / Acrylic Paintings

    Oil / Acrylic Paintings

    A collection of Oil or Acrylic Paintings A woman with purple hair Oil on paper November 2023 20×14 cm A woman with Short hair Acrylic on paper February 2022 20×14 cm A Kid Acrylic on paper January 2022 14×10.5 cm A Woman with a Hat Acrylic on paper December 2021 15×15 cm Keyvan is Drawing…

  • Digital Paintings

    Digital Paintings

    A collection of my digital paintings from 2021 till today. Woman. Life. Freedom Digital Painting January 2022 6000×5000 px Woman. Life. Freedom Digital Painting April 2023 2480×2476 px Portrait of a man Digital Painting January 2022 5000×6000 px Portrait of a young woman Digital Painting January 2022 5320×6000 px Portrait of a young man Digital…

  • Video & Typography

    Video & Typography

    10 Things Successful People Do Videography & Typography based on Stock Footage – 2014 In this video I combined stock footage with typography to create this piece for the website

  • Behind The Wisdom

    Behind The Wisdom

    Short Film – 2003 My first short film made in 2003 tells the story of two friends who died in a car accident. We see two different narrative from their point of view of that incident. In 2003 the film was nominated for Best Director in the “19th Tehran Short Film Festival”. Here is some…

  • Live Performances

    Live Performances

    Four music bands live performances Videography – 2015 A series of four videography for Concert People in 2015. They organize music events in Montreal. Special thanks to my friend Nima Emrani for helping me shooting this event. “Hang me, oh hang me” by Bride and Groom Bride And Groom is playing “Hang me, oh hang me” at Theatre Ste.…

  • Goossaan Youtube Channel

    Goossaan Youtube Channel

    Goossaan Youtube Channel – 2013 I started “Goossaan” Youtube channel on June 2013. The idea is to interview and introduce Iranian artist who left Iran and continue their productive works outside of their homeland. Interview with Touka Neyestani and Sheida Gharachedaghi I had the opportunity talking to Touka Neyestani, well-known Iranian cartoonist at his exhibition…

  • Happy Nowruz

    Happy Nowruz

    Videography – 2014 I had the opportunity to meet Pascal Antonin a French musician and songwriter in 2014. He was very interested in Iranian culture and specifically in Nowruz celebration. Here is the song he wrote to celebrate the new year with iranian comunity and performs it with very talented and professional French Canadian guitar player Thierry…

  • Marjan Farsad Live Performance

    Marjan Farsad Live Performance

    Marjan Farsad Live Performance Videography- July 2014 Marjan Farsad is a talented Iranian animator, singer and songwriter. This is her first live performance in Montreal late July 2014.